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Ghosts and Sharks
Sometimes people need to leave. PG
written for the Two Lines Challenge

The Noblest Profession
Casey's a good dad. Dan's not so bad himself. PG

Two For New York
It's a long way home when you're having an adventure. PG
written for slodwick's A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (redux)Challenge

There was a call for phonesex fic. Now, I don't write a lot of slash, and I write even less smut.
For Ilexa, however? I'll do pretty much anything. NC-17

Respice Finem
12 Latin phrases that aren't "Quo Vadimus," aka 12 ways it didn't end. PG-13

The Euphoriant Concupiscence
Happy happy birthday, Casey. For Niflet.PG-13

Drunk Dial
Danny's not a good guy. PG

Pull Me Out
Casey's not sure how it's gonna' work. PG

Dependency Exemption
Three things are certain in life. Besides death and taxes, turns out sometimes, you need a nerd.
written for celli's 2004 Taxfic Challenge

Once and Almost Completely
Fell in love with a girl.
Written for nifra_idril, who asked for me/Danny fic. It's not as Sue-y as you're thinking. I swear.

The Sea With Its Deepness
It's not quite sailing to Tahiti, but getting away for awhile is just what he needs.
written for Fox & Hyperfocused's Madeleine L'Engle Title Challenge

A House of Cards
It's the best of its kind, but it's still no good.

Lone Star State of Mind
We're heading back to Texas, but only for a few days.
my first completed WIP. for Caro & Ilexa

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
Sometimes, games aren't just.

Home Again
Zoe loves Wash because he's the only one in her life not wrecked
by the war. Wash loves her too much to correct that with truth. NC-17

Day is Done
Sundown on Shadow and Mal takes his rest. PG

The Difference
Wash knows the difference between right & wrong,
and rides the line anyway. PG
written for the Firefly Friday Challenge

It's all about semantics. And laundry. Some of it's about laundry.PG
written for the Firefly Friday Challenge

Bad For You
Wash knows he shouldn't. PG

Sweet Nectar of the Goddess
Some traditions are all right by Zoe. PG

The End
Mal hadn't been the first one to go. PG
Written for the Family Ficathon challenge

Charm City
Chloe knows Lex doesn't want to know. She tells him anyway. PG-13
written for kormanfan's Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge

The Quality of Mercy
Clark never slept with Mercy Graves in Spain. PG
Shameless homage to Sports Night, sparked by Tara's realization that Mercy Graves is voiced
in the new JL cartoons by Lisa Edelstein, who played Bobbi Bernstein on Sports Night.

I Believe in a Thing Called Rock
Wally's speed has bizarre cultural ramifications. PG
written for Bexless's birthday!

The 24 Days Before Christmas
Pete comes home. PG
written for slodwick's Pick a Card, Any Card challenge and Fox & Hyperfocused's Madeleine L'Engle Title Challenge

One for the Team
He's only been back a day, and it starts. PG
written for the SV Undercover challenge


Wonderfalls - Eric, Jaye, a roadtrip and a handful of change.PG

Beyond the Sea
The OC - Seth sees things more clearly with some stormclouds in the sky. PG