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Title: Coming/Home
Author: Scrunchy
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: These folks ain't mine. I just can't seem to stop fiddlin' with 'em.
Notes: I don't write a lot slash, and even less smut, but I'll do pretty much anything for for ilexa.

"Casey McCall."

"Dude. When'd you start answering the phone like that?"

"Hey, Danny."


"What's up?"

"What's up? What, am I bothering you? You got company?"

"I'm sitting on the couch in my sweats, watching The Daily Show and drinking a Snapple."

"That's pretty hot, Casey."

"Shut up. Where are you now?"

"At the hotel."

"The Hotel Lummox."

"The Hotel Lumis."

"Whatever. How was it?"

"The interview?"


"It was all right. There's a girl, a waitress in the bar here -- she likes me. I could have brought her back up here tonight."

"Did you call me to talk about some girl you coulda' slept with?"

"Is it making you jealous and/or hot?"

"Not so much."

"Then no. I didn't call to talk about Candy."


"Heh. Yeah."

"What did you call to talk about?"

"Right now I'm still stuck on you all sprawled out on the couch."

"Did you catch the show tonight?"


"You saw the missed cue and the four backwards chyrons?"

"I did indeed."

"Then you can imagine how exhausted I am right now."

"I get that."


"... so, what are you doing?"

"I'm sitting on the bed, against the headboard. There are some cartoons on."

"You should shut them off."


"Because ... we're going to have phone sex."


"Well. We don't have to."

"No, I mean-"

"I thought that's what you were going for."


"I'm here."

"We suck at this."

"I've noticed that."

"You think we'd be better."

"...conveying things with our voices?"

"Being sexy. We're sexy men, Casey."

"You, definitely."

"You're no Abe Vigoda yourself."

"And there goes the last chance of me actually getting an erection this evening."

"Casey, if I was there with you I'd fuck you blind."

"I stand corrected."

"That's the idea."



"You didn't tell me what you were wearing."

"The dark blue shirt. My boxers."



"Is it weird that I find that sexy?"

"Nahh. I'm a sexy guy. They're sexy socks. The whole thing's just pretty damn sexy, Casey."

"Keep talking."

"No fair starting without me."

"You should come back to New York."

"Your voice sounds so hot right now."

"You should come back to New York, and we should spend the entire day locked in my apartment."

"Doing what? Because I'm a busy guy, Casey."

"Fuck. Okay, you need to say my name like that all the time."

"Doing what, Casey? Tell me what we're gonna do when I get off the plane at JFK tomorrow."

"You'll be lucky if I don't just throw you down in the parking lot."

"I thought of you today at the interview. The guy -- the interview guy -- he was asking me what you were like, and Case -- he so had a little crush on you. So I'm telling him about how funny you are, and how smart and all, and the whole time I'm thinking about how this guy can fantasize about you all he wants, have his little fanboy crush -- I get to have you. I get to push you up against the wall inside your doorway because I can't wait to touch you another second.

"I was thinking -- tomorrow, when I'm fucking you, Casey ... we can turn on the stereo."

"Ahh. Why's that?"

"No reason, really -- I'm just planning on making you scream. A lot. And I don't want to alarm your neighbors."


"I'm almost there just hearing you breathe like that Casey."

"Danny, keep talking."

"Yeah. Talking. I'm debating whether or not to just suck you off on the way home. I understand the dangers of highway blowjobs, mind you. I just don't know if I'm going be able to keep my mouth off you for very long.

You're not talking, so I'll keep going -- I'm thinkin' you should fuck me tomorrow."


"No, no, I'm serious. Not that I'm not ... eminently satisfied with fucking you, Casey, because -- I gotta' say, you're really fucking sexy."

"Danny, I can't wait to fuck you."

"Ohhhkay, I wasn't expecting that just then. Ahh, Casey, you're killing me."

"I'm ready, Danny. You said it ... but I've been thinking about it."


"Every goddamn night I think about switching it up -- bending you over the nearest available surface and fucking you right through it, Danny."

"This is the kind of thing you should consider bringing up."

"Well, next time there's a lull in a rundown meeting I'll mention it."

"Heh, 'Excuse me, Dana -- I'd just like to mention that after we break, we're going to go back to our office and have mad crazy monkey sex until the next rundown meeting.'"

"That'd go over well."

"Mmm, I think it would.

"So you really wanna?"

"I really really want to. I really want you, Danny."

"Fuck, Casey."

"That's the idea."

"Ahhhh, Casey."

"Are you going to come, Danny?"

"Fuck, yes. God, Casey. I love you."

"You need to come home, Danny."


"Four thirty five at gate two nineteen."

"I can get an earlier flight."

"Call me with the time."

"I will."

"Goodnight, Danny."

"'night, Case."

"I love you, too."

"I know."

scrunchy 2004