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Title: I Believe in a Thing Called Rock
Author: Scrunchy
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for Bexless's birthday

"Jimmy, get out your leather pants." Wally let the door slam behind him as he rustled the bag in his hands.

Jimmy didn't look up from his book.

"They're in my closet."

"Get out your denim jacket." Wally ripped the plastic from the CD and manhandled the case into opening.

"Also in my closet."

"Get out your platform boots." He finally got the CD player on and pressed play.

"Have you been in my closet?" Jimmy finally caved and laughed, looking up.

"This CD is gonna change your life." Music began blaring from the speakers, rocking Jimmy back in his chair. Wally played air guitar. Hilariously.

"Is this Bex?" Jimmy shouted over the din. The music was really good, but just ... way, way too loud.

"You've heard of them?" Wally slapped the front of the CD player in annoyance, knocking the volume down about ten notches. Jimmy thanked god and waited for his ears to stop ringing.

"Wally, yeah, everyone's heard of them. Bex is Ancient Records' newest darling - they're pretty much everywhere, the way Lex is promoting them."

Wally made a face and sat heavily on the arm of the couch.

"How come I just heard them for the first time today?"

"Well," Jimmy laid his book upside down on the desk, "there's got to be some Doppler issues with your speed -- maybe you didn't hear it because you were just going too fast."

"So everyone's already heard of them? They're not the cool new thing? I missed their cool-new-thing-ness?" Wally was now officially whining.

"Yeah, you miss a lot when you're off saving the world." Jimmy stood and knocked him on the shoulder as he walked past.

"Man, being a superhero sucks." Wally slumped down onto the couch and crossed his arms over his chest.

scrunchy 2004